Transformative Coaching

I offer Private Transformative Coaching Session Packages to Individuals as well as Couples.  Due to the depth of the work I do, I am only able to work with a select number of clients at a time.  

Please read on for more details about this work and then visit the page below for the type of coaching which fits you.

What I Do For You. . .

If you You can bring absolutely anything to our private session.  I will be present with you, listening with understanding, spacious patience and holding you with the utmost safety and not an ounce of judgment.  I’m like the friend you need to just listen to you, but instead of pushing a bunch of well-meaning advice onto you, offers valuable insights and illuminates the way for you to create your own path to your desires!

How is Transformative Coaching Different from Talk Therapy?

I hold my Graduate Degree in Counseling Psychology and I also have further specialty training in Trauma, Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Mindfulness based Therapy (MBT).  

My original career path was a Marriage & Family Therapist.  But, I fast became disenchanted when studying conventional counseling methods and coming to realize the severe limitations of traditional talk therapy, especially in cases of healing deep, lifelong trauma, which I was drawn to and believed to be absolutely vital no matter the reason healing was sought after. 

Some of the problems with traditional talk therapy is that not only is talking about your problems and difficult emotions over and over again re-traumatizing, trying to treat someone and help facilitate change working only on the conscious mind level has been proven to not be very successful, especially in the most difficult changes that are programmed in our subconscious brain to protect us, however mis-aligned they may be!  

Unfortunately, all the insights and advice administered solely on the conscious level of awareness only penetrates so deep and rarely results in lasting change.  This can be so frustrating and discouraging for people, who start to mistakenly believe themselves to be simply un-fixable.

When I discovered the life coaching model several years ago and its more positive, pro-active client empowering process, I knew at once this was the path I had been seeking and haven’t looked back since!

My Mission. . .

My life mission and passion lies in guiding others to deepen their love for themselves, their partners and the world around them, to embody love as a vehicle to live in their original Soul Essence and make this world the beautiful place it was intended to be!

I also have a special place in my heart for helping people heal their inner child and recover from childhood and relational traumas, which I believe is essential to remove the blocks we have to being fully present in our relationships as well as being fully present in our own lives

What Makes Me Unique… 

I bring the knowledge my formal education around psychotherapy and neuroscience has given me and fuse it into my holistic coaching process, never forgetting you are so much more than your mind and outward behaviors!  You are a spiritual being doing your best to navigate this human experience with the baggage of the past that is weighing you down.  I so get it!

So, why does real, lasting change always seem so out of reach?  Because it simply cannot take place by staying focused on the conscious, thinking mind when the subconscious mind is the one running the show!  

Did you know the average person is only operating 5% from their conscious brain?  Crazy, right?  So what does that mean?  It means an astonishing 95% of our daily thoughts and actions are being directed from our subconscious programming, most of which we didn’t put there ourselves and was in place before we were seven years old!  No wonder we feel like we’re beating our head against a brick wall when we try to make the changes we desire.

I encourage holistic integration by guiding you to tune into your body and connecting with the truth of your heart. We use exercises to connect with the subconscious and finally get to the root of your blocks and patterns that are keeping you stuck, reprogram your limiting beliefs and rewire those old brain circuits.  The result?  You… living the life you deserve at last!

My Coaching Method. . . 

My Holistic coaching method is a fusion of Eastern philosophy perspective with influences from Neuroscience, Neurolinguistic Programming and my formal studies of Positive Psychology and Jungian depth Psychotherapy.  I work in a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to reprogram your subconscious and guide you in achieving full integration. 

I specialize in helping others feel empowered, learn how to love themselves again (or perhaps for the first time) and transform their relationships through healing inner child wounding, and loving from the heart space.  

I am a lifelong student of the human experience and fascinated by behavior, love and spirituality and am always striving to deepen my wisdom so that I may serve others.  I am continuously studying love, intimacy & relationships, attachment, trauma, neuroscience, compassion, mindfulness, Buddhist Psychology and spirituality. 

I have done continuing education on Trauma recovery and Compassion focused therapy (CFT) with the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM).


Dazzling Radiant You

Individual Transformative Coaching

Dazzling Radiant You

12 Weeks to Living a Life with more Clarity, Wholeness and Vibrance!


Relationship Transformation Coaching

Soulful Evolved Love

Go from a Frustrating, Lackluster Relationship to the Deep, Loving, Soulful Connection You've Only Dared to Dream of in 6 Months!


With Infinite Love,

Áine McGowan

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