You want to experience the most authentic love in your relationship, right? Actually, you want so much more. You want to have that amazing kind of love that everyone says doesn’t exist, that beautiful, intensely connected soulmate kind of love.

The problem is, even though you’re so hungry for that, you don’t exactly know how to actually go about getting there. Or you end up sabotaging yourself time and again and just can’t figure out why.

When you’re not arguing you just feel disconnected, which feels like a silent death. Half the time you’re wondering what the hell is the matter with your partner. And the other half you’re thinking the problem might just be you…

What happened to the love you used to share, the passion you used to feel for each other? Is this just what it becomes? Is this really how it’s going to be now?

Sad Love

You wonder if you just have impossibly high expectations and if you’ll ever feel the way you thought you would in a relationship. You’re drowning in hurt more of the time than you are soaring in bliss.

Am I touching on some truths there? I thought so. I know this all too well because I have been there, too. I wanted the Stars and the Moon in Love and yet couldn’t even manage to just have a decent, healthy relationship. Yeah, I know. It’s really painful to live that way.

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like this and wondering if you can really ever have the love you yearn for, then you may finally be ready to do the necessary work to experience true transformation in your relationship. And I will guide you through your process.

Soul Love

Soulful Evolved Love

My Conscious Relationship Transformation Coaching Program will help you to:

  • Learn how to effectively Communicate with your partner
  • Uncover and feel safe to express your true desires
  • Breakthrough old barriers to getting the love you want
  • Heal old wounds and begin to let go of long-held trauma through family of origin and inner child work.
  • Resolve Stuck Emotions & Release them from your body
  • Come from a Heart-centered space
  • Believe in yourself and feel worthy of having the love you desire
  • Stad in your full power while staying connected to your partner
  • Learn how to respond with love rather than reacting
  • Recognize & Let go of old patterns that are sabotaging your love
  • Allow deep, true intimacy into your relationship
  • Show up as your highest self in your relationship
  • Reawaken the Passion you had for each other and take your sex life to a new level
  • Put your Relationship on an Evolved path


You will come out the other side of coaching with profound wisdom and understanding of yourself and your partner, a renewed sense of deep love and connection, rekindled passion, and the tools to continue the evolution of your relationship!

Your love is absolutely worth it! I will be on this journey with you walking beside you every step of the way. I support you fully in this process and empower you to relate consciously. Through this, we will co-create the relationship you always dreamed possible!

*I place a high value on giving you the utmost focused attention towards your transformational process, so I can only take on a select number of clients at a time.

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With Infinite Love,

Áine McGowan

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