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Begin to understand and learn the foundations of deepening the connection to your consciousness in 7 days, including…

  • Enriching Awareness & Presence
  • Cultivate Self-love & Compassion
  • Mastering Your Mind & Thoughts
  • Being Present With Your Emotions
  • Healing Your Inner Pain
  • Being Awake & Present in Our Relationships
  • Living from the Heart Space

Each day you’ll receive a new focused lesson along with meditations and a few practical application exercises so you can integrate what you are learning and begin to embody your full consciousness.

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Cultivating the Garden of Consciousness

Cultivating the Garden of Consciousness Course

In this Year Long Intensive Transformational Program, You’ll Learn How to…

  • Activate & Nurture Your Awareness & Presence
  • Get Grounded & Reconnect to Your Body & Breath
  • Cultivate Self-love & Compassion for Yourself Again
  • Master Your Ego, Thoughts & Release Judgement
  • Balance & Express Your Emotions with Spiritual Maturity
  • Heal Your Inner Wounds & Establish a Healthy Relationship with Your Inner Child
  • Reprogram Your Past Conditioning & Limiting Beliefs
  • Discover and Integrate Your Shadow Self
  • Transforming Your Relationship into a Sacred Space
  • Practice Forgiveness & Letting Go
  • Conscious Interpersonal Communication
  • Shining Your Light into the World to Uplift the Consciousness of All

Coming January 2021

Enrollment Opens November 2020

* Space is Limited to 250 members.

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Cultivating the Garden of Consciousness

    Cultivate Garden of Consciousness

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