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You just want to feel happy, like it’s even possible.  You want to live the life of your dreams, one without regrets, a life that feels aligned to who you are and your core values.  Of course, we all do!  And you absolutely deserve all of this. 

So, why does that life always seem forever out of reach?

You don’t exactly know how to actually go about getting there. Or you end up sabotaging yourself time and again and just can’t figure out why.  Sure, you may have others fooled, but deep inside you feel so lost.  You just want to feel some meaning to your life besides checking off the same items in your planner every single day.

You’ve heard how important things like Self Love and Self Compassion, but you have no idea what those really mean and how to go about it.  You’re just doing the best you can to keep afloat in everyday life without worrying about vague concepts.

Tired of feeling broken?

You feel you might be too broken to ever be truly happy in this life.  You fear you may have just made too many wrong turns and like it’s just too late to find your way back, to ever make it out now.


I know this all too well because I have been there, too. For the first half of my life I spent all my time taking care of everyone else’s needs and making sure things looked beautifully polished on the outside and yet I was dying on the inside.  The only reference I’d ever heard of Self love was referring to self-centered people.  Not that I had any energy left to give myself anything anyway!

But something had to give and a tragedy and a marriage ending showed me I could no longer devote 100% of my energy giving all of myself to others.  When left alone, I had to learn not only to care for myself, but to be with myself.  And that isn’t easy when you’ve never learned to love and value yourself just because you exist. Which is why so many of us tend to stay hyper-focused on others.

But we can only live that way for so long.  Something always has to give.  And if we’re fortunate, we get a wake-up call that forces us to look at our life and assess where we’re heading.  But we have to be conscious and be willing to step out of the victim or martyr role that we’ve identified with for so long.  (If you’re curious to know the whole story, you can read it here.)

For me the journey was a very slow road.  I had to go most of it alone and figure most of it out by myself with little outside support.  But after almost two decades, I eventually found my way back to myself and now feel more whole and vibrant than I ever knew was possible.

I only wish I had had all the tools and wisdom I have now, but that was not my journey.  Still, it was a very long time to be living in pain, turmoil and confusion.  

I don’t want anyone to have to go through that, or feel alone like I did for so long.  I want more than anything to spare others from that, to be the guiding light showing you the way on your path back to yourself.

Áine McGowan, Love Coach

If you’re sick and tired of living outside of your truth (or not even knowing what your truth is) and running away from your soul, then you may finally be ready to do the work needed to experience true transformation. I’m Áine and I will guide you through your process with the utmost compassion and support.  You can learn more about me here.

My Dazzling Radiant You Coaching Program will Help You to:

  • Tune into your inner wisdom to hear your higher truth
  • Illuminate pieces of you that haven’t seen the light for years
  • Discover your true desires
  • Break through old barriers to love and having the life you want
  • Heal old wounds and begin to let go of long-held trauma through family of origin and inner child work.
  • Resolve Stuck Emotions & Release them from your body
  • Learn to love and value yourself again
  • Believe in yourself and feel worthy of having the love you desire!
  • Learn how to establish clear, healthy boundaries
  • Recognize & Let go of old patterns that are sabotaging you so you can Thrive!
  • Reintegrate all parts of You and Begin to feel Whole again!
  • Remind you just how beautifully powerful you really are!
Dazzling Radiant You

You will come out the other side of coaching with clarity, a reinvigorated joy for life, feeling empowered, connected to your Embodied Soul, and with the tools to show up as the highest vision of yourself in your relationships!

I have been through a tough year dealing with relationship issues with my partner, some of which I have discovered were compounded by my own lack of perspective and loss of self-identity into the relationship. Áine met me with an open mind, heart and ears – she was amazing at listening to me, and exchanging the anger, frustrations and despondency I emitted with kindness, understanding, and new methods of thinking about, and working on bettering myself. Throughout every meeting, she was a constant guiding presence to help guide me though my own backstory, to figure out what I was looking to improve on myself, and how incredibly related they are. I gained so much perspective and different ways of thinking about myself, which translated into being more aware of myself, as well as myself in relation to other people. The entire experience was a great mix of well-regarded techniques of self help (like mindfulness) and new ways of using those together with techniques that were new to me (such as breathwork and visualizations) and ultimately became a powerful tool. Like all tools, I will need to keep working on myself with them to continue to grow. Thank you!!!
Individual Coaching Client


*I place a high value on giving you the utmost focused attention towards your transformational process, so I can only take on a select number of clients at a time.

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