Happiness… A Poem by Gendun Rinpoche

Happiness Poem

Today, I want to share this poem to offer uplifting energy to the world in this moment of global crisis. I hope you find it comforting and inspiring.

Happiness cannot be found
through great effort and willpower
for it is already present
in relaxation and letting go.
So don’t strain yourself
for there is nothing to do.

Whatever arises in the mind
has no real importance,
for it has no lasting reality.
Don’t be attached to it;
don’t identify with it and
don’t pass judgment upon it.

Without changing or manipulating anything
let the entire game of life happen on its own,
springing up and falling back like waves;
everything vanishes and reappears,
magically without end.

Our searching for happiness
prevents us from Being it
like rainbows that we pursue
without ever catching.

What is real already exists
always here
accompanying us in every instant.

Wanting to grasp the ungraspable
you exhaust yourself in vain.
As soon as you open and relax,
space is here;
open, inviting and comfortable.

Don’t search any further.
Don’t go into the tangled jungle
looking for the great elephant
who’s already resting quietly here at home.

Nothing to do,
nothing to force.
Nothing to want—
everything happening by itself.

~ Poem by Gendun Rinpoche

Lama Gendun Rinpoche (1918–1997) was the meditation master and the spiritual leader of the four Dhagpos, Buddhist temples in Europe. He spent over thirty years of his life in solitary retreat in Tibet. The embodiment of kindness, compassion and simplicity, he contributed greatly to the expansion of the Dharma in Europe.

Gendun belonged to that extraordinary group of great Tibetan Buddhist meditators trained entirely in Tibet who were driven into exile by the Chinese occupation of their homeland and who later in their lives spread the Buddhist teachings in the West.

Please share your thoughts below if this poem affected you!

With Infinite Love,

Áine McGowan

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