Soul Essence Love’s Featured Mini-Course Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness is available exclusively to members of our community. 

In less than an hour a day, you’ll learn:

  • The foundations of deepening the connection to your consciousness
  • Tuning into the body through mindful awareness and breath
  • How to have more Self-love and Compassion
  • Mastering your Mind & Thoughts for deeper peace
  • Understanding your emotions and what to do with them
  • Healing your inner wounds & conditioning
  • How to act with more consciousness in ways of relating to others
  • How to exude love to all by living from the Heart center.

Each day you’ll receive a focused lesson along with meditations and a couple practical application exercises so you can integrate what you are learning and begin to embody your full consciousness!

Here is a snapshot of what’s inside the course. . .

Day 1: Enriching Awareness & Presence to Awaken Consciousness

Day 1 Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness

An introduction to mindful presence and how it plays into raising our consciousness and how we use the breath and body awareness to bring us there.

Day 2: Cultivating Self Love & Compassion

Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness: Day 2: Cultivating Self Love & Compassion

The most crucial thing we can learn to do is to love ourselves. This is the first and foremost step in transforming our lives, whether merely quitting bad habits or expanding our consciousness.

Day 3: Mastering Your Mind & Thoughts

7 day Course- Awakening the Seeds of Your Consciousness: Mastering Your Mind & Thoughts


You will start learning about Mastering Your Mind & Thoughts, how to begin doing it and why this is so important if you strive to live more fully conscious. 

Day 4: Being Present With Your Emotions

Being Present with our Emotions

Learn what your emotions actually are, why you have them, and how to give them the attention they deserve without either blocking them or allowing them to run away with you.

Day 5: Healing Your Inner Pain

Day 5 Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness: Healing Our Inner Pain

We all need to do our own deep inner healing of old wounds and past conditioning to progress and unblock us from our full expression in life. Understand what that means, reconnect with your inner child and begin to recognize your shadow self and how it shows up.

Day 6: Being Awake & Present in Our Relationships

Day 6 Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness: Being Awaken & Present in Relationships

Understand the real purpose of relationships and our responsibilities to them, as well as how to start responding rather than reacting when triggered by using the power of mindful presence.

Day 7: Living from the Heart Space

Day 7 Awakening the Seeds of Consciousness: Living from the Heart Space

Our highest purpose is to become so whole and conscious that we express ourselves authentically, thereby shining our light to all we meet. Learn the value of having compassion and real love for all and how to cultivate and express it.

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