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The core message here is Love.  Why?  Because ultimately Love is all there is and all that matters.  And to return us to that place within ourselves where we remember this and can give and receive it, it is necessary for us to commit to setting upon the journey of uncovering our heart and psyche from the layers of Fear induced conditioning that hide our original identity – our radiantly beautiful Soul Essence


Our purpose is to inspire you to become more aligned with your true self through deep healing, inner work and self-love.  From that more empowered place, you will learn to have more fulfilling, genuine conscious relationships with your partner and children.

What’s Here for You

Here you’ll find inspirational articles, poems,  online courses, guided meditations, tips, techniques and practical exercises you can easily integrate into your life for personal awareness and spiritual growth.


The Vision of Soul Essence Love is for this message to reach as many as possible to help others lead more consciously loving, more fulfilled, authentic lives, and ultimately radiate love to all, uplifting the consciousness of the planet. 

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